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You do not need to have an active account in order to view our planning articles, purchase products, or to take other actions on our site. All information is avialable to the public and has not been placed in an account-only access area. We do not have any plans to do this in the future.

However, if you are a wholesale buyer or are a wedding planner, it may make sense for you to sign up for a whole sale account with us. With a wholesale acccount, you may qualify for product discount if you purchase in larger quantites or else purchase products on a consistent basis. In addition, wholesale account holder will have early access to new products as well as hard to obtain items that we have available.

You can also register for an account if you want to receive frequent product notifications from us or to learn about new product promtions. When you sign up, you sould let us know whether you are registering as a customer or as a wholesale customer. All wholesale accounts are subject to an approval process along with a credit check. There is no credit check for our retail customers.

If you would like to register, you can learn more about this on our registration page. Our registration page contains details on how to set up an account. You do not have to be registered to purcahse a product or to view our web planning collection.

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