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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
favor, affordable wedding favors, 
reception favors, bridal shower favor.
Do you have family and friends coming in from out of town for your upcoming wedding? If so, several things will need to happen to ensure each of them feels welcomed and at home. While some guests may stay with other family members of friends, typically, a block of rooms are reserved at a nearby hotel, which provides the guests the needed room and privacy while still keeping them close to all the activity.

One way to greet your out of town guests in a special way is by having a favor placed in their room before arrival. When choosing the favor, try to keep some of your personality in the decision as well as wedding colors. To give you some great recommendations based on the various types of brides, consider the following:
  • Classic Bride Because the classic bride is traditional and usually has a formal church wedding that is elegant and sophisticated, you want your choice in favor for your guests to reflect this same charm. A few ideas that you know would be well received include a beautiful Tulle bag filled with Jordan almonds and tied off with a colored ribbon matching your wedding colors or a small gold box filled with tissue paper that has several chocolate mints inside.

  • Diva Bride This type of bride is trendy and enjoys new styles and flair. She is typically one who loves being in the spotlight and therefore has both an elegant and somewhat eccentric style. Favors for this bride would include things like a long-stemmed white rose with a beautiful colored ribbon matching your wedding, a handwritten poem set inside a pewter frame, or Jordons almonds beautifully wrapped inside a heart-shaped box with the bride and grooms last name stamped on the lid.

  • Natural Bride The natural bride loves things that have clean lines and a simple, yet elegant look and feel. Ideas for guest favors for this type of bride might include a beautiful colored box with one or two tulip bulbs inside for them to take home and plant, monogrammed ags filled with fragrant soaps, or aromatherapy bags made of white silk filled with lavender or jasmine.

  • Romantic Bride This bride loves the Victoria era, antiques, and lacy, frilling things. Great guest favors would include things such as a box of handmade stationary that has been sprayed lightly with lavender or sandalwood, a small box of ginseng, green, and oolong tea, wrapped with a gold or silver ribbon, or beautiful heart-shaped scones filled with Jordan almonds or various miniature fragrant soaps.

  • Modern Bride The modern bride is up on the all the latest fashions and music, and loves laughter and life. For the favors, you want something that reflects this vibrancy. Leave a box of chocolate pretzels or Oreo cookies on the pillow in a ceramic container or a trendy bag filled with several lottery tickets.

  • High Fashion Bride This bride is dressed in a designer gown and looks like the true princess that she is. Favors might include a marbled box filled with bubble bath pellets, wine glass charms made of crystal hearts, or a small tin of fine caviar and silver spoons.

  • Children For those special guests who have children with them, you certainly do not want to leave them out of the surprise. Therefore, if the children are small, choose several books neatly wrapped with colorful ribbon, a stack of coloring books and crayons, or bubble necklaces. For the older children in the teenage years, edible favors are always a good idea as well as a movie or two.
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