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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
favor, affordable wedding favors, 
reception favors, bridal shower favor.
Are you getting ready to plan your wedding and want to give your guests a nice favor? Are you looking for something creative and unique that you know the guests will enjoy? If so, with planning and taking time to consider all your options, you can be sure to please the guests with a nice gift. Although there is a multitude of options, you might consider some of the recommendations below:

Taking a mint julep cup, you can fill it with a variety of unusual gifts that everyone will enjoy. Items to include would be a variety of gourmet lollipops, various pencils with whimsical caricatures, or even several different types of fresh flowers.

Consider creating miniature balloon bouquets to place at every seat at your wedding reception. Use colors that match your wedding colors and add a special verse tied on with a ribbon to each. Then carefully tie each bouquet with a colorful ribbon to the back of each chair. The entire reception will look festive!

Create a variety box that has a little bit of everything. For instance, you could add some flower seeds, Jordans almonds, votive candle, and truffles. Box it up wrapped with a bright colored cellophane or vellum paper and then tie with a bow.

If your wedding is small and intimate, involving only close family and friends, you could hire someone to create beautiful dinner invitations with Chinese calligraphy. Roll the invitations as a scroll and then tie with a flowing ribbon. When the wedding ceremony is over and everyone opens their invitation, as a group choose a date when everyone can join for some sit down time together.

Go online and find a business that makes custom magnets. You could use your engagement photo and a clever saying at the bottom. This would be great to put on a refrigerator in remembrance of your special day.

Have music CDs made that includes your favorite songs. Most of the newer computers have CD burners, which makes burning a CD easy and convenient. If you do no have this capability, you can purchase an actual CD burner for less than $100. Choose colorful CD cases and wrap them in silver tissue paper wrapped with a bow.

Set up a photo booth at your reception where everyone can do what they always wanted sit inside the booth and make funny faces. Just imagine the fun all ages will have as they enjoy having silly photos taken. They will talk about your reception for many years to come.

Print some of your familys long valued recipes on special recipe card stock, insert them in covers for protection, and then tie about 10 together and set at each plate. If you are offering a recipe for your grandmothers famous molasses cookies, bake some and include two cookies tied up with a ribbon.

If your friends are fanatical sporting fans and especially if you live in the town where you went to college and perhaps the groom was involved in playing football, create some memorabilia from that college that might include key chains, pocket knives, plaques, and other fun things.
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