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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
favor, affordable wedding favors, 
reception favors, bridal shower favor.
If you are like most couples planning a wedding, you want to do something nice for your guests to show your appreciation for them participating in your special day. Wedding favors are an excellent way of saying, Thank you and giving guests something by which to remember this eventful day. However, you probably want to give them something that is extra special and perhaps a little unique. Below are some excellent recommendations for accomplishing just this:
  • Picture Frames No person can ever have too many picture frames. Choose a brushed silver or nickel, or pewter frames that will hold a 3x5-inch picture. You can have a simple Bible verse or poetic quote engraved so when the guests use the frames at home for their loved ones, they will enjoy the frame and remember your wedding day at the same time.

  • Champagne Flutes You can purchase restaurant quality champagne flutes for less than $2.00 at most bridal or hobby stores. Using craft paint with a fine tip, choose a color that matches your wedding and on the bottom, write the name of the bride and groom and wedding date.

  • Personalized Pens and Post-It Notes If you want to give your guests something they will use for many years, this is a great option. The pens can have the date of the wedding personalized and the Post-It notes with the bride and grooms name. By adding a special quote of love below the name, your guests will smile each time, they go to leave someone a note.

  • Miniature Salt and Pepper Shakers You can find these at most hobby stores or you can order them in bulk online. On the bottom of one, have the date of the wedding inscribed and the couples name on the other.

  • Magnets Just about everyone uses magnets to keep important reminders on the refrigerator. You will find a number of options on the internet for unusual magnets that your guests will enjoy. For instance, if you had a beach-themed wedding, choose a sand dollar magnet and then include a brie Thank You note. If you cannot find these, you can take plain sand dollars and buy the adhesive magnets to put on the back.

  • Personalized Sunglasses You might think this to be an expensive wedding favor but actually, when you buy them in bulk, they are affordable. In small letters on the earpiece, have the couples initials engraved.

  • Sun Catchers These are beautiful and something your guests would love hanging indoor or outdoor at home. You can find these sun catchers at most hobby stores for less than $2.00 and they come in a number of designs. For the wedding, a dove, wedding rings, or even a sunset would be ideal.

  • Miniature Gift Baskets If you look at your local hobby store, you can find miniature straw baskets for under $2.00 each. These can be spray painted with the same color of your wedding, you can use glue to add embellishments, or craft paint to create a design. In a piece of plastic wrap chocolate kisses and tie it off with a bow. Add this to the basket along with a miniature bottle of Amaretto, a couple packets of wildflower seeds, a fragrant votive candle, and a card thanking guests for sharing in your special day. Then wrap the entire basket with cellophane and tie it off with ribbon.

  • Bookmarks This lovely gift is one that you know will be used by your guests. You can buy them at bookstores or hobby stores, or if you prefer, make your own. Add a loving poem or quote, some dried flowers, and punch a small hole at the top for a tasseled string.
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