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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Every year at anniversary time, every married man feels a certain amount of pressure (ubless he forgets). What should I do? How can I make this a special time? Still iothers are thinking, "How can I not get in trouble?" Sure, there are the typical anniverary staples like flowers and gifts, but there are other, more creative ways to ways to make an annirversary celebration truly special. This article will outline some tips and things to think about if you are planning a quiet anniversary celebration as opposed to a large party or get together. It will include things to think about as well as will try to provide some tangible ideas that can actually be put into practice.

The first thing to remember about an anniversary, is that it should typically remind your spouse that she is special and that she is the most special woman in the world to you. This is one of the most fundamental points about anniversaries and relationships in general. This is helpful to guys because it generally doesn't matter how much or how little money you spend on the event, if she doesn't feel special, it is not going to matter whether you give her a thousand dollar piece of jewelry or a one dollar card. The key idea here is to do things that you could not just do for any person, but show, thought, planning, and care who for she is and how you appreciate her.

One thing that works very well is to do something that is a reminder of where you got married, where you became engaged, or where you went on your honeymoon. This shows your spouse that you value those memories as special and that your relationship is worth celebrating and helping her relive the memories. This activity can work well if you did something very cool for either of those events and if one of these areas in in close proximity to where you are or if you have time. In addition, if you have more time, going away on a honeymoon can help you both to relive the memories and celebrate.

If you can't do either of these things, one thing that helps is giving a gift that you have created on your own. These types of gifts include, poetry (a no go if you can't write), art that you created about her (a no go if you can't draw), or a special meal that you prepare for her ( ditto for cooking). These types of things show that you have spent time and thought. For a poem or art, these things also provide her with a lasting, tangible reminder of your affection for her. I had one friend who actually wrote short picture book complete with pictures for his wife, chronicling their love. I know these things might sound strange, but they are very effective. They are also great if they are given in the context of a romantic dinner.

Another type of idea is to splurge. This means doing something that you are not likely to do and probably will not do again. An idea like this includes taking a sunset ride in a hot air balloon complete with champagne and caviar. Something else that is nice is to go away for a romatic weekend to someplace exotic or special. You need to take care of the details (travel, babysitter, etc.) and maybe just let her know that you are doing something special, but don't tell her what it is in order to build anticipation. Ideas for this are a luxurious bed and breadfast (women like nice B&B's by the way) in the mountains, Paris, Venice, Hawaii, or other tropical destination. By planning this activity and doind something out of the ordinary, you are saying that your relationship is out of the ordinary and that she matters to you. It will also help her to get way from her every day routine and relax.

Whatever you decide to do, you need to spend lavish amounts of time with her and give her your full attention during the anniversary weekend. Let her know she is important. Little touches like chocolates, flowers, and gifts help in this context and can enhance the anniversary event or time together. Well thats it for now, let me know how it goes.

By Sir Charles

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