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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.
More and more, people are renewing their wedding vows as a way of celebrating a special anniversary or re-enforcing their love and commitment to one another. Renewed wedding vows are performed for many different reasons. For example, if the groom were from Italy and the bride from Chicago, Illinois, to ensure both sides of the family can enjoy and participate in this joyous occasion, one wedding is performed in Italy and then the vows renewed in Chicago or vice versa.

Whatever the reason, over the past 20 years, this ritual has gained popularity. The type of wedding ceremony is completely at the bride and groom's discretion. Some couples, especially those celebrating a milestone anniversary (25 or 50), prefer a smaller, more intimate ceremony consisting of close friends and family. This type of ceremony may be in a private home, country club, or small chapel.

Couples that might have married in a hurry while in Las Vegas, by the Justice of the Peace, in another country, or for any other reason where their first wedding was small, may prefer a more elaborate wedding. This way, they can create a sensational church or garden wedding, complete with flowers, photography, and bride's maids and grooms men's. This provides the perfect opportunity a larger number of friends and family that share in the occasion. Other times, younger couples that are just starting out may not be in a financial position to have a traditional wedding at first. In this case, they will wait five or ten years when their financial stability is established, allowing them to have the wedding they have always dreamed of having.

Another concept wrapped around renewing wedding vows can be seen in destination wedding packages offered through cruise lines, airlines, or various travel agencies. This type of ceremony is usually more on the casual side where the ceremony is performed beachside or in a public location such as the Statue of Liberty, Fenway Park, and so on. However, if the bride and groom prefer something more formal, they can talk to the coordinator of the destination wedding to see about customizing the package.

If a destination wedding sounds like the perfect choice for renewing your vows, be sure to keep all your options open. Many of these packages will be less expensive during off-season and some will match another company's prices. To ensure your wedding ceremony is perfect, read all the fine print and ask many questions.

Now that you know your spouse at a more intimate level, this would be the ideal time to write your own vows, and most of all, relax and enjoy this occasion. Allow this time of renewing your vows to be a romantic time that celebrates not only the future, but also the wonderful years you have already spent together as husband and wife.

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