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Everyone has heard horror stories about raunchy bachelor parties or parties that have gotten out of control. It seems like today there are numerous stories about alcohol, carousing etc. Often times, the groom may even be so tired and worn out that he may have difficulty participating in the ceremony the next day. While drinking a lot and having a crazy time may be standard practice, it may not provide the groom with the most memorable experience possible or send him off to his new bride in a positive way. This article is going to attempt to provide a couple of guidelines for planning an exciting, yet tasteful bachelor party.

If you are in charge of planning the bachelor party, there are a couple of things to remember. First, the bachelor party should not get too big. You should invite a few of the groom's closest friends and it should typically be limited to under 20 people so that the numbers and the activities are managable. You should also try to make sure that the people you invite get along and can cooperate to achieve a common goal. The people that are involved in the mix typically set the mood for the party so it helps to have people who are creative, energetic, and excited to participate.

When you are selecting event, remember, anyone can go to a bar and get drunk - it takes something a little bit more creative to provide a memorable time for the groom. When you are thinking of ideas, you will want to keep in mind the groom's personality, likes, interests, and general conception of what would be fun and encouraging for the groom. For example, if the groom typically spent time reading books and rarely engaged in physical activity, you probably wouldn't want to submit him to an extensive phyisical challenge of paintballing, swimming, and backpacking. That said, outdoor events, especially events that take a little bit of preparation can be unique and creative. I've have been to a bachelor party in Washington DC where the groomsman took the groom kayaking on the Potomoc, then brought the groom to a bar for lunch and had the groom engage in "mental challenges". These challenges included having the groom stand up in a crowded room and tell an audience of complete strangers why he was excited to marry his bride. Next the groom was off to the crowded streets of Georgetown where he had to play songs and sing on the street corner to earn money for the bachelor challenge. The groom then had to raise money by washing car windows or people stopped at stoplights using a soap, water and a window washer.

Wherever the bachelor party will be located, there are always ways to use the environment to provide the bachelor a creative experience. If the location in in a downtown area, you may want to do something that would be appropriate to a lot of people. Another bachelor party I went to involved a dramatic reanactment of the movie, "the Matrix." The groom had to play the part of the movie's protaganist and undergo challenges related to the plot of the movie. In one section, the groom had to make it across to the other side of a 1 mile field at night with other particpants dressed as agents trying to pursiue him. The other particpants were armed with paint guns.

Hopefully, we have made an attempt to provide some guidelines regarding creative events, however the type of events that can be though of are virtually limitless. The important part of the bachelor party is that the groom remembers it and passes through the coming of age ritual better prepared for his new marriage.

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