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Planning a bachelor party can be a little tricky. You have the groom to consider, the bride to think about, and the guests to accommodate. Just keep in mind that this event is all about the groom. Often, his friends will put something together that can be embarrassing or create an uncomfortable situation. Therefore, while some of the groomsmen think a strip club or stripper are in order, if the groom would not appreciate this, then do not do it.

When hosing a bachelor party, it is important that you not be an instigator. In other words, do not drag the groom off to some party or club if he does not want to go. Additionally, this is not the time to be challenging him to seeing how many beers or shots of liquor he can consume.

You as his Best Man have the responsibility to see to it that everyone has fun without pushing the groom into doing things that he might otherwise not do or even regret. Remember, being the host as mentioned is tricky. You need to find the balance between fun and respect. The Best Man needs to remind himself that the groom is going to be a nervous wreck as it is and by adding, more stress onto him at the bachelor party by pushing him into uncomfortable situations is the perfect recipe for disaster at the wedding.

As the groom, take time to meet with the Best Man to discuss what you do and do not want at your bachelor party. By being involved with some of the planning, you can redirect activities whenever you have concerns. Some great options include a night at the casino or dog track, going to a major baseball or football game, renting out a section of a restaurant for a private party, or taking the day to go hunting, skiing, boating, or whatever outdoor activity you enjoy.

If the bride will be having her party on the same night, you could set it up so the two parties meet somewhere toward the end of the night. This will make the party even better and help put the bride and groom at ease. Another factor to consider includes transportation, especially if there will be alcohol involved. The last thing you want is for anyone to leave the party location drunk and then be in an accident the night before the wedding. Therefore, you need to make certain that cab rides or a limo is available to get everyone back home safely.

The best option is never host the bachelor party the night before the wedding. The party will zap energy needed for the big day so choose a time about week out from the wedding date. That way, everyone can be more relaxed and well rested on the day of the wedding. Finally, you have the decision of the guest list. Let us face it, when you get a group of men together, sometimes testosterone can run crazy, causing fights and squabbles. Therefore, make sure the list of guests includes only the closest of friends that typically hang out together anyway so you know they all get along. Remember to have fun and enjoy this night as a single person but whatever you do, never cross over any lines that could destroy your upcoming marriage. Unfortunately, it happens far too often so be wise.

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