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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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A Wedding is typically on of the biggest days of the year, perhaps even a person's life. The anticipation and build up to wedding time can last for months and even years. No event is as looked forward to and often a day the wedding participants will remember for the rest of their lives. Clearly then, it makes sense to prepare ahead of time so everything will go smoothly and the participants will be as well dressed and groomed as possible. The next sections of this article outline some techniques and items to check for as you are preparing for this big day.

The first key to obtaining a great look for that big day is plan ahead - the more time you have the better. A couple of months out, site down and prepare a list of things to do - the less you leave to chance, the more likely you will get the look you want. Check the items off of your list as you accomplish them. In terms of the overall look, you will also want to start with the dress first. The type of dress you choose serves to set boundaries or parameters around the hairstyles that would match your look. Many people have gotten in trouble selecting a hair style first, and then try to pick out a dress. Select jewelry that goes with the dress. Try to select the dress early as it can affect you hair style choices.

Next, you will want to select a wedding hair style that matches the type of hair that you have and goes with the overall look that you are trying to create. For example, if you have a short haircut, you will probably not be able to go with a long curly look. Moreover, even if you think that you can make a drastic change (like going from curly to straight or adding extension), you will want to have carefully and realistically thought about the potential results. One way to avoid catastrophe is to do a dry run several weeks (or months) before. You cannot regrow hair after it is cut.

Another way to avoid problems is to involve a hair care professional early on in the process. You may want to stop by several months out to obtain an initial consultation. Be sure to mention to your stylist that you want to consult about potential hair styles - otherwise the stylist may book you in a standard slot. Also, be prepared when you go in so that you will know what to talk about. It is good to have several potential hair styles in mind to that the session will be productive. You might even want to bring photos. Be careful in trying out a new stylist! If the stylist isn't familiar with you hair, you could be headed for trouble. It is helpful to have some prior experience (or at least recommendations) with the stylist before going in for your wedding hairstyle.

During the trial appointment with the hair stylist, a couple of things will be helpful. First, it always helps to have as much of the outfit that you are planning to wear - often this means dress, jewelry, and even shoes. This accessories can be very important in communicating to the hairstylist what you are trying to accomplish with your overall presentation. Second, do not constrain the stylist. Stylists have often done hundreds or even thousands of prom styles. A stylist can be your best help and best source of information. Third, a trusted friend can be helpful during the appointment to provide recommendations and unbiased feedback.

Also about 6 months out, try to get your hair trimmed about once a month. This will make your hair better looking and will help avoid split ends and other things that can develop between haircuts. Also you will want to begin a deep conditioning regimen (perhaps once a week or more) at about this time to give your hair the ability to become more healthy and bright over the treatment period. Plan to get your last trim at least two weeks before the wedding as hair can take up to a week to fully recover from one of these trims. Also experiment with shampoos, gels, and mousse ahead of time so you are familiar with how they work.

A couple of months before, you will want to book your wedding day appointment with your hair stylist. If you are in a city or town that has only a few hairstylists or if you stylist is in high demand, the earlier you book the appointment the better. Often, there can be several couples in an area that have a wedding on the same day. This can put extreme demand on hairstylists. Always get a written confirmation the appointment date and time. Be sure to make the appointment early enough in the day so that you will not be late on the day of the wedding. This means determining the amount of time that it will take to do the hair styling and then to get ready after the appointment. Finally, a couple of weeks before the appointment, confirm your appointment to make sure you haven't been cancelled.

Another important part of successful wedding preparation is to have a backup hairstyle. This is a hairstyle that you can fall back on just in case something goes badly wrong. Even though you may not need the backup, it never hurts to have one. The backup hairstyle should be something that you can put together pretty quickly, but still looks elegant and presentable. You will also want to make sure that your blow-dryer, gel, and other hair equipment is ready so that you will not run out.

On the day of the wedding, you will want to take a shower before hitting the salon. This ensures that your hair will not be influenced by humidity or moisture from the shower. Moreover, when you go to visit your hair stylist, you will want to wear something that unbuttons so that you do not have to remove a shirt by pulling over your new hairstyle. Finally, check to make sure that you hair stylist is running on schedule.

With these precautions in place, you will be less anxious and better able to enjoy the wedding and the days leading up to it.

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