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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.
When getting married, you want everything from your head to your toes to be pampered and beautiful, regardless if your wedding is a formal church wedding or a simple Oceanside wedding. Your hands will be seen by every person attending. For instance, your hands will be in many of the photographs, people will want to hold them to look at your ring, and you will be shaking and hugging people the entire time. You want your hands to be gorgeous and smooth, and your nails to be manicured perfectly. This is one time of your life that your hands will get more attention than you will.

For your wedding day, you need to do some planning to have your hands looking their best. The best option is to start having regular manicures a few months before the wedding day and then a final manicure the day before your wedding. Although some of the classic colors such as pink, coral, red, wine, plum, and light lilac are still popular, the most beautiful manicure is that of French nails. Typically, the tip of the nail for this style is white although you could choose from a light pink or eggshell color.

If you have nails that tend to crack, peel, or discolor, or if you have a habit of biting your nails, you can have acrylic tips added to your own nail that will make them look as if the entire nail is natural. A reputable professional can create an elegant look and if you choose to keep the manicured look after the wedding, you can simply have the nail filled in with new acrylic about every two weeks or so. Depending on where you go to have your manicure done, you can expect to pay from $35 to $60 and then around $20 for the fill.

However, if you normally keep your nails natural, you should start taking extra care of them several months before your wedding. About once or twice a month, spend a little money and time on your hands by having them pampered. Most importantly, you need to find a reputable nail salon. If you have a friend or family member whose nails always look perfect, find out where they go. Try to avoid the mall nail shops. Even though you will walk away with orgeous nails, many people are sorry they took this cheaper route when they realize later the filing was too deep and infections occur. Therefore, stick with the licensed and professional shops, even if you have to pay a little more.

If you prefer to take care of your manicure yourself, some things can be done at home leading up to your special day. For your own manicure, using polish remover on a cotton ball, remove any old polish. Then using a wood emery board, you need to shape your nails. Although round is always popular, more and more, women are choosing square tip. Then, mix some mild dish soap and warm water and soak your hands for about 10 minutes. This will help soften the cuticles to be removed. When finished, wash your hands thoroughly and then apply a good lotion.

After the lotion is absorbed, go over the nails one more time with a cotton ball of polish remover. Choose a clear coat and apply a base coat. Allow this to dry completely. Then put on a coat of base color and again, allow it to dry. Finally, add one more coat of color and when that is completely dry, you can add one final coat of clear to set it. If you were going to do a French manicure, instead of color, you would have the base coat or if you prefer, a very light, translucent pink. When dry, paint the tips of each nail with white polish. After drying, you want to apply one final coat of clear to protect the tip. No matter what method you choose, remember this is important. You want your hands to look their best and with a little planning and maintenance, they will.

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