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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.
Most brides want several bridesmaids for the wedding in addition to the Maid of Honor. Having your close friends and family stand up with you in your wedding is something that is important, making your wedding ceremony all the more special. However, for each bridesmaid you have, that is one more dress, one more pair of shoes, one more bouquet, and one more gift.

Some couples will pay all the expenses of the bridesmaid and Maid of Honor although in most cases, the expense of the dress, shoes, and jewelry is that of the bridesmaid. While some bridesmaids will have no problem with the added expense, it could be a strain on others. The challenge is trying to find a nice balance so that none of the bridesmaids feels overwhelmed with the costs without giving up beauty.

The dresses are by far the greatest expense. If your wedding is formal, you could easily be looking at gowns costing $1,000 or more. Even if the wedding is informal, gowns could cost $300, which for many people, is a huge expense. You also need to remember that most bridesmaids gowns can only be worn for your wedding or some other semi- or formal affair. The great news is that you can have amazing gowns, often times designers gowns, while paying only a fraction of the cost.

For starters, you need to know where to look. If you were to walk into a bridal shop, even if you looked in the clearance section, you would probably find beautiful selections but still at a high price. To avoid paying more than you should, use the power of the Internet. Many companies have been created over the years that feature gorgeous bridesmaid and wedding gowns for unbelievable prices. In fact, some offer both designer and non-designer gowns and will often have specials as low as $99.

Another option is to look at department stores that still offer quality without being at the high end. Stores such as JC Penney or Sears have bridal departments where you can find beautiful gowns at a fraction of the price that you would pay over some of the more expensive stores. In addition to looking in the bridal section, you should look at prom dresses. Generally, these gowns are less expensive and just as beautiful. You can choose the same style gown for every bridesmaid or choose a different gown while staying with the same color scheme and style.

Always look for overstock items or going out of season dresses. These dresses are new, beautiful, and simply need to be moved to make room for the new selection. By choosing dresses from the previous line, you can easily find a $500 bridesmaid gown for $200 or a $250 gown fr $120.

Two of the keys to cutting expenses for the bridesmaids are to be flexible and creative. Remember that there is no right or wrong when it comes to gowns so think of different ways you can have the perfect wedding without your bridesmaids going into debt. The same is true for the shoes and accessories. Look for overstock and go online to any of the major search engines such as Google.com, typing in bridesmaid accessories, bridesmaid dresses, or bridesmaid shoes and in return, you will receive hundreds of websites that offer these items. Once at the website, look for the clearance section where you will find the greatest benefit.

To create an amazing wedding where each bridesmaid looks like a princess is not difficult. It may take a little more time to shop around but the savings will be well worth it. Once all of the women have agreed with you on the style, then give them an assignment of coming up with some solutions. This solves the problem of you now having much time and gets the bridesmaid involved in the process to ensure they wear gowns that they can enjoy beyond another formal occasion.

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