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There is so much to be done when preparing for your wedding. The ceremony itself has a variety of ceremonial roles that will be filled by your friends and relatives. To choose who will fill what role, you should learn what duties are traditional for each. The Maid of Honor is traditionally the sister or best friend of the Bride. She will stand next to the Bride during the ceremony and usually be responsible for the bridal shower and bachelorrette party. She will also be the person by the Brides side to calm her before the ceremony.

The Best Man is traditionally the best friend or brother of the Groom. He stands at the Grooms side during the ceremony and before the ceremony, he will be in charge of the Brides ring and making sure the ushers and Groomsmen are seating the guests properly. The Best Mans important role is to ensure everything required, including the marriage license, the rings, and the payment for the minister as well as other vendors, are all in order. He will also organize the bachelor party and try to keep the Groom calm prior to the start of the ceremony.

The Bridesmaids are honorary roles and chosen by the Bride simply to honor friendships and special relations such as sisters or cousins. The Bridesmaids will enter the church ahead of the Bride, and after the ceremony, they will stand in the receiving line. Sometimes, a Junior Bridesmaid is a party of the wedding party. This individual is usually a young lady who is too old to be a flower girl but not old enough to be a Bridesmaid. For instance, if the marriage is blended, the Junior Bridesmaid could be an older teenage daughter of either the Bride or Groom.

The Groomsmen are chosen by the Groom. Generally, the number of Groomsmen is the same as the Bridesmaids. They will act as the ushers when guests arrive, seating each guest in the appropriate area. Some Groomsmen will also be chosen to seat the father and mother of the Bride and Groom in places of honor. Just before the ceremony, the Groomsmen escort the Bridesmaids into the church, and then take their place along side the Groom before the Bride enters.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers are usually favorite nieces, nephews, or godchildren, and are no more than eight or nine years old. The Flower Girl has the imposing task of being the last person to enter the ceremony before the Bride, scattering flower petals in the Brides path. The Ring Bearer will carry the rings down the aisle on a small pillow and present them at the altar. Other people involved with the wedding would include soloists, musicians and readers who will contribute to the ceremon itself.

Readers and soloists are often talented friends who welcome the chance to share in your day. Whomever you pick to share your day, be sure they are comfortable in the roles you have chosen for them. If they are relaxed and comfortable, they will enter into the spirit of the day and enhance your joyous day.

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