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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.
The wedding shower tradition has been around for a long time and if you are getting ready to host a shower for a friend or family member, you want this to be a time of fun and excitement with people special to the bride and groom. While the traditional showers are always welcomed, todays showers can be a bit more creative since just about anything goes.

For one thing, while the wedding shower was at one time focused only on the bride, more and more the shower is geared toward the bride and groom. Therefore, when planning the shower of a friend, you should consider a co-ed shower, which allows the groom to have just as much fun as the ladies have been having for years! Consider the following themes:

Wine and Dine Choose a high-end restaurant in town or a lovely dinner theater and go all out. Enjoy pate, caviar, prime rib, and champagne. Make this a serious time of celebration where couples can be all decked out in formal wear and have an elegant evening on the town. For the gifts, you might include on the invitations to keep the focus on gift certificates to local department stores, house wares, hardware, and so on. Even bottles of fine wine would be acceptable.

Home and Garden Choose the shower location at a home with a beautiful garden, a museum with an outdoor lawn, a local park, or the beach. Set up Tiki torches, hand out Leis, set up twinkling lights and candles, and have tables set up with exotic foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, and tropical drinks. Have live music playing where everyone can enjoy dancing while sipping on homemade Sangria. Request gifts that are focused on home interior, kitchen appliances, or outdoor gardening.

Love and Lingerie Since this is an all-adult party, this theme is perfectly fine. You would want this party at a private home where a wonderful dinner can be prepared before the fashion show. Serve things like watermelon, cantaloupe, chocolate dipped strawberries, miniature quiche, and sparkling champagne. Set up a lingerie fashion show with real models just be sure to keep thinks respectable. Gift items should be geared toward things such as oversized towels, his and her bathrobes, satin sheets, aromatherapy candles and oils, and romantic CDs.

Celestial Take everyone to a local spa for the full treatment. Find one where everyone can enjoy a massage, facial, and then relax with champagne whie sitting under the stars in a hot mineral spring. Choose tasty appetizers such smoked salmon, cream fraiche, or set up a fondue pot with various chocolates and cheeses. For the gifts, you could hand out miniature telescopes, tickets to a local lazar show, or name a star under each guests name.

Health and Fitness Choose a fun activity that everyone can enjoy. For example, you can reserve a rock-climbing wall, schedule time for beach volleyball, reserve tennis courts, or a gymnasium where you can have a challenging game of basketball. Serve various types of green and fruit salads, set up a juice bar, and serve tofu and roasted corn. The guests should be steered toward buying gifts such as fitness equipment, golf lessons for the bride and groom, or tickets to their favorite college football team.

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