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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Getting married is a time for celebration - a time for a wedding shower. This is the time when family and friends come together to honor an upcoming wedding and literally shower the bride and groom with gifts. This is a fun time for all, filled with food, drink, and games. Years ago, only the bride was invited to a wedding shower. However, nowadays, the groom is also invited although there are still more wedding showers focused on the bride.

There are many different themed showers from which to choose, all depending on preference. One option that is fun and useful is the gift basket shower. In this case, each invited guest would bring a basket of their choice filled with their choice of gifts, as long as they are geared toward the home. This type of shower allows each guest to bring a special touch into the new home of the bride and groom while providing needed items. For example, a basket could include dishtowels, potholders, gardening tools or seeds, scented soaps and candles, decorative jars, etc.

Anther fun shower and one that is appreciated by the groom, is a lingerie shower. For this type shower, guests would bring anything frilly, lacy, and sexy for the bride. Along with the sexy, which would include bras, panties, teddies, or slips, practical items such as robes, slippers, and even scented lotions and bath soaps could be added. A cookie sample shower is a completely different shower that allows every guest to bake their favorite cookie recipe, often one that has been passed down for generations in the family, with the recipe printed or neatly written on a card. In addition to the cookies, guests bring cookie cutters, muffin pans, rolling pins, etc. Not only does everyone get to taste a nice array of cookies, but also the bride now has some of the best cookie recipes available for her own family.

When couples get married, often they are starting from scratch. The kitchen is one room of the house that while not difficult to furnish, it can be expensive. All those utensils, pans, dishes, etc. add up very quickly, which is why a kitchen-wedding shower is such a great idea. For this shower, guests would bring something for the kitchen. The shower coordinator will need to do some coordinating to ensure the bride does not receive ten ladles. Put things on the list often overlooked but helpful such as an ice cream scoop, measuring spoons, timer, etc. In addition, the guests can each bring a canned good or boxed food.

If both bride and groom will be attending the shower, a great idea is to combine a kitchen shower with a handyman shower. In this situation, each guest would bring one kitchen item and one hardware item. Just like with the kitchen, tools are often not a part of a newly married couple's home. You can be guaranteed that any of these showers will be perfect and benefit the couple as they get their start in life.

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