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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
favor, affordable wedding favors, 
reception favors, bridal shower favor.
Many years ago, wedding cakes were either one massive sheet cake or three tiers. The flavor was white, the icing white, and the topper was a cute figurine of a bride and groom. While there is nothing wrong with the traditional wedding cake, todays bride and groom can enjoy just about any type of cake they want. There is no wrong or right when it comes to wedding cakes, which is why creating your own design or having one custom made is so exciting. If you are getting married and want an extraordinary cake, work with a pastry chef and let your creativity go wild.

Choosing the right pastry chef is the key to success. Your best bet is to work with a confectionary artist. This skill was first developed in England and then made its way to Australia. For the past 150 years, confectionary artistry has been holding its own in popularity and the designs are truly amazing. A confectionary artist does not just decorate a cake but sculpt it. Interestingly, although this art form is high in demand, few people in the world have truly mastered it. With this type of design, you will have a wedding cake that is lavish and looks like a million dollars.

Many couples over the years have discovered the beauty and versatility of using real flowers on the wedding cake. The result is glamorous and the process, inexpensive. While you can choose many beautiful flowers, there are challenges. For example, the most breathtaking flowers are typically exotic and have to be flown in from other countries, which is expensive. Another challenge is finding certain flowers that are out of season. The benefit of using a confectionary artist is that he or she has the skill to create floral decorations that look so real most people have a hard time telling the difference. Therefore, you can have those hard to find exotic flowers without the hassle or cost.

A confectionary artist typically focuses on one or more different forms. For example, perhaps the specialty is on gardens and flowers, the focus might be on abstract designs, or perhaps stained glass designs. To develop this skill to the fullest, these artists will travel all around the world, learning everything possible about their particular form. The artist who works with flowers will attend garden shows, create a magnificent flower garden of his or her own, and study books to ensure that every detail is perfected. The result when applied to the wedding cake is unrivaled a true masterpiece.

In addition to custom decorations for your wedding cake, you also need to think about flavor. White, chocolate, and strawberry, which are the three traditional flavors, are fine but today, you can be much more creative. There are sherbet-flavored cakes, Hawaiian delight, mango-papaya flavored, spice cake, raspberry, lemon, and many, many more. A cake that has unique but delicious flavors will be enjoyed far more than just a white cake. To please all of your guests, have each tier of the cake mde with a different flavor.

The cake maker also needs to be highly qualified to ensure it not only smells good but also tastes GREAT! You want the cake to be moist, flavorful, and even beautiful. As the cake is cut into, just imagine seeing a beautiful raspberry and vanilla swirl. Not all cake makers create cakes that both look good and taste good. Therefore, as you start your search, insist on having a sit-down taste session so you can make sure the cakes are wonderfully made and that the flavors are perfect.

Keep in mind that most brides want a wedding cake that is special and is a direct reflection of the bride and grooms character. To get such a cake, you do not have to spend a fortune. By looking around and asking about the different options available, you are certain to find exactly what you want for you wedding day.

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