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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Some couples choose to have wine at their wedding, which for your own wedding would have to be a personal decision based on what you know of your family and friends preference. The key is while serving alcoholic beverages to have some level of control to ensure no one drinks too much and then leaves intoxicated or starts acting inappropriately at your wedding reception. If you are having a morning or afternoon wedding, you can assume that less alcohol would be consumed over that of an evening wedding.

To determine how much wine is the right amount, you would estimate one glass of wine per person per hour, or no more than five drinks over a six-hour reception. To give you an idea of how much wine you can get from a bottle, consider that for champagne, you would get about six glasses and for a bottle of wine, about five glasses.

In addition to wine, you might consider serving other types of cocktails. To give you an idea of what a full bar would consist of consider this standard set up for a reception of 100 people:
  • Beer 2 Cases
  • White and Red Wine 1 Cases each
  • Champagne 1 1/2 Cases
  • Vodka 6 Liters
  • Gin 3 Liters
  • Sweet and Dry Vermouth 2 Bottles each
If you are hosting your wedding reception at a local hotel or restaurant, you will have the option of choosing from a variety of packages whereas if holding your wedding at a private hall, you would buy all the alcohol yourself. Typically, this type of charge is included in a number of different packages to save you money. Usually, packages will be offered that include wine and champagne, beer, or hard liquor. Just remember that you need to ask about the corkage fee per bottle, which could be costly. It is highly recommended that when the reception is half over, you check on the tab so the amount being poured can be managed best.

When stocking the bar, you want to choose the brand that would be most commonly consumed. For wine, you want this to be an enjoyable part of the reception so try to choose several types of wine that fall within your price range and that have a nice taste. You can usually visit your local liquor store and find nice Merlot from Chili that everyone would love.

Keep in mind that some years for wine were better than other years. For instance, 1995 was actually a great year. Because of this, both red and white wines are excellent and modestly priced. In addition to Chilean wine, you will also find fine wines from South Africa and Australia to be outstanding. To keep the price down while still serving a great, full-bodied wine, Napa Valley also produces excellent options.

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