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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Most people have a good idea what flowers girls do. They are the cute little girls that walk down the aisle at the beginning of a wedding and throw flower petals down the walkway. While this is correct, the flower girl actually plays an important role in the wedding, provides a symbolic ritual, and has many things to remember in her role.

For one, the flower girl must know how to walk down the aisle, when to toss the flower petals and where to stand once she arrives at the front of the church. While this may not seem like much, for a young girl aged six to nine, that is a lot of responsibility. In most cases, the flower girl is a member of either the bride or groom's family, perhaps a cousin or niece. If there is a girl older than nine that you want in your wedding, she could be a junior bridesmaid.

The flower girl typically walks down the aisle before the Maid of Honor or immediately before the bride. In many weddings, both the flower girl and the ring bearer will walk down the aisle at the same time, which makes a darling part of the wedding. When it comes to clothes for the flower girl, she should not be dressed up as a miniature bride. Instead, she should coordinate with the bride's party but in an outfit that is becoming to her age. Since little girls grow so quickly, if you can choose a dress that she can wear for church or parties after the wedding would be best.

The tradition of flower girls actually dates back to Victorian times when they were used to entertain and wow the wedding attendees. Their size and innocent reactions are what make them so special. In fact, if you are having a formal wedding, a flower girl can be a great icebreaker.

As the flower girl makes her way to the front of the church, she gently, or at least she is supposed to, toss the flower petals on either side of her body and in the middle of the carpet. The tradition is that she prepares the way for the bride as she begins her walk toward her new husband and her new life.

Depending on the age of the flower girl, she may be able to stand with the bride's party during the ceremony. However, if she is younger, there should be a place held for her in the front row so she does not take the focus off the bride and groom. If her parents or grandparents can be there with her, they can help her sit still until the vows have been exchanged.

If the flower girl does stand at the front, one of the bridesmaids should be appointed to hold her hand and keep her still until after the "I Do's" have been exchanged. Once the wedding is over and the receiving line has formed, the flower girl is not required to stand in line. The only responsibility she has is to look cute and prepare the way for the bride.

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