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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
favor, affordable wedding favors, 
reception favors, bridal shower favor.

Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
favor, affordable wedding favors, 
reception favors, bridal shower favor.

For someone planning a wedding, the decisions to make surrounding wedding favors can be extremely difficult to make. Do you need favors at all? What wedding favors are elegant and which ones are considered tacky? How will guests react? Let's face it, there isn't a lot of information out there on wedding favors for brides interested in planning a wedding. This article is designed to provide advice, tips, and general etiquette on wedding favors. Topics included in this brief overview include: the decision to use wedding favors, how to save money on favors, placement on the table, the quantity of favors necessary, and the appropriateness of favors.

Wedding Favors or no Favors

Favors, wedding favors, boxed wedding favors, wedding, favors, bridal favor, shower favors, reception favors, discount wedding favors. There are a number of different takes on wedding favors. Some etiquette experts caution on the use of wedding favors, mainly because of the danger of getting tacky or tasteless wedding favors. However, many other experts emphatically support the use of wedding favors. Most of these experts say that wedding favors are a tangible reminder that you guests will take with them of your special day beyond their memories of the wedding reception. Wedding favors can also serve as tasteful additions to the table. To determine whether to use favors or not, it will be helpful outline the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
  • Wedding guests will feel special
  • Can accentuate tables
  • Serves as a reminder for guests
  • Guests can use the favor
  • Can complement reception hall decor
  • Can work well with a theme wedding
  • Tacky favors can be bad
  • Some favors can cost too much money
  • Can take up extra room on a table

  • Given the pros and cons, wedding favors are usually a good idea - simply for the fact that they make your guests feel special and cared for. Moreover, everyone likes leaving a reception having something in their hand. Whether you decide to have wedding favors or not, be sure to care for your guest - many of them have come a long distance to support you on your special day.

    Quantity of Favors

    A general rule is you should plan on having one favor for guest as you plan your reception. Remember, when you purchase favors you will want to know the size of your reception and the number of people you have invited. Most weddings tend to have a 20% decline rate for wedding invitations so you should factor that into your favor calculation. Moreover, you will also want to figure in any planed last minute additions to your reception (that Uncle you need to invite, or a friend you haven't talked to in a few years). The standard 20 percent rate may be too low if a large percentage of the gusts are out of town. It is not uncommon for wedding in which a large part of the either the bride or groom's guests are from out of town to have a decline rate of over 40%. If you have sent out invitations early enough, you can get a sense for the rate from the first few responses that you receive back.

    Another option that you can do is to give one favor per couple or one favor per family. This idea can be a good one in the sense that each family or couple will get a gift and you can buy higher quality favors. This idea requires a significant amount of extra preparation and generally works effectively if everyone has assigned seats. Otherwise, people will not get the favors that were designated for them and some people may think that they did not get a favor. You will definitely want to make sure single guests receive a favor too if you choose to use this option.

    Save Money on Wedding Favors

    Wedding favors don't always need to cost a lot of money. Some weddings can have a few hundred people - providing a favor for each guest can become quite costly. There are a number of ways to lower the cost. The main one is to buy supplies that can be creatively assembled into wedding favors. These usually cost less than bought favors. You can get help from your bridesmaids / family members a few weeks or days before the big event. Ideas for favors that you can assemble, decorate, or readily create include: candles favors, candy in a bag, wedding bells, or tulle-based favors.

    If you don't have time to assemble favors, you can opt to give wedding favors on a per family basis. This allows you to cut down the number of favors that you are purchasing and saves money.

    Another way to cut the cost down on favors, is to not purchase favors from an expensive source. Most people would be surprised to know that the favors that they find in high end, brand name stores could most often be bought a lot cheaper in store that didn't spend as much money on advertising. These stores will be able to bring the costs on quality favors down and will save you some money.

    Placement on Table

    Although a lot has been said about the placement of the favors on the table, the decision of where to place the favors is most often a personal preference with a few guidelines. Don't place the favors on plates, on chairs, or on the floor. The favor should be some place visible, a place where your guests will be certain to look at the favor. Many wedding receptions place the favors just to the left of center above the plate (just beyond where the bread plate would go). Other wedding receptions have placed the favors in the center of the table where they are out of the way, but still can be accessed by guests. The final alternative is to hand out favors as the guest leave or come in. Again this requires some planning, as you will need to have a person on duty to distribute the favors. This can work okay is you have the facilities (a single entrance / exit), but generally, we recommend putting the favors on the table so that they accentuate the overall table presentation.

    Appropriateness of Favors

    Another important item to remember is that wedding favors need to be appropriate and tasteful. Secondly, the wedding favors should be something that your guests would consider desirable - do not clean out your closet in search of wedding favors. Items like plastic figurines or goofy toys are not favors that are appropriate for a wedding. Some standard ideas are candles, candy (although this should be quality candy), gift boxes, or picture frames. If you are having a theme wedding, you will want to obtain wedding favors that will be appropriate for the theme that you have selected. Finally, you will want to be sure to include items that match your color scheme.

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