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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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If you have been requested to host a wedding shower, you will quickly discover that there are many challenges. You will probably be faced with the bride's family, the groom's family, and mutual friends all offering different advice. Be patient, show perseverance, and always remember that while you need to make everyone feel welcomed, this wedding shower is for the bride and groom, and no one else.

People that are invited to the wedding shower should also be invited to the actual wedding. Keep in mind that some people may live too far to attend either wedding or shower but if they are a close family member or friend, they should still be added to the list. Start with the bride's side of the family and work with her to ensure she is in agreement with the names. Next, go through the list of people from the groom's side, again verifying the names.

When you address the wedding invitations, one invitation will be sent to each person. For example, if two of the bride's close friends are roommates, rather than send one invitation, each person would receive their own. Be sure you send the invitations several weeks before the event to allow people enough time to prepare. Additionally, a common courtesy would be to include a phone number and directions just in case someone is not sure where they are going. If you like, if the bride and groom have registered at various stores for gifts, you could provide a list of those as well.

More than likely, there will be people at the wedding shower that have never met. Regardless of the size of the shower, someone should be asked to act as a greeter to make sure every person is greeted upon arrival. The greeter would also provide information to the guests regarding coat check, gift table, restroom location, and so on.

To get everyone involved in the festivities, have guests state their name and tell something unique or interesting about themselves. This is a great way to break the ice and get the wedding shower off to a good start. Try to find other games or activities that will force people to talk. Once conversations begin, everyone gets excited and involved in the shower. When the wedding shower ends, make sure each guest signs a guest registry to include name, address, and phone number. This will come in handy later when thank you cards need to be completed. Be sure that you and the greeter thank each guest individually for coming and if alcoholic beverages were served at the shower, make sure everyone is safe enough to drive and if not, do not just offer them a ride, insist!

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