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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.
While a headpiece with a veil has long been the tradition for weddings, people are starting to use different materials and adornments to bring some of their own style to the wedding. For your wedding, in addition to the traditional style, consider other options such as beautiful hair ornaments. Great options to add to an existing headpiece would include fresh, dried, or silk flowers either set in one section of your hair or intertwined through braids, a French roll, or in long, soft curls.

If you prefer, you can use silk material, ribbon, or pearls specially designed on a headpiece. Even gold beaded bobby pins, lace, or sequins can create a stunning look. Any of these can be created with a simplistic comb-in veil, which is then positioned behind your up do. The great thing about this is that when it is time for dancing at the reception, the veil can easily be removed without ruining your hair.

To see how some of these options would work with your hair, meet with your hairstylist. If you do not have someone that you go to regularly, find one in your area that specializes in creating wedding masterpieces. You want to make sure that whatever headpiece you choose enhances your hair, face, and gown - not overpower. The style you plan to have for your wedding will have a lot to do with the type of headpiece you choose. Look through bridal magazines or on the Internet to get some ideas of different hairstyles with different types of headpieces.

Another important consideration is that you want a headpiece that has a detachable veil. While the traditional style allows the veil to be pulled back over the top, which is beautiful, when it comes time for the reception, it is not practical. A headpiece that has a removable veil makes visiting with family and friends, toasting your new husband, and dancing the night away much easier.

To ensure the headpiece you choose stays in place, it can be secured with bobby pins. Other styles are designed around plastic loops or elastic that is held securely in place with fasteners. Again, having a professional stylist create your hairstyle and by choosing a headpiece that will accentuate that hairstyle, the stylist will be able to position it so you have no worry about it falling off during the wedding.

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