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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Buying a tuxedo used to be simple. However, the styles of tuxedos have increased dramatically over the past 10 weeks, providing an incredible selection. For this reason, when people start determining the type of tuxedo wanted for the wedding, they may become overwhelmed. As you start your own search, you will find white tuxedos, black tuxedos, tails, no tails, and so on. To help you choose the appropriate tuxedo for your wedding, you should understand tuxedo definitions:
  • Double-breasted - This style of coat has two rows of buttons.

  • Cummerbund - The cummerbund is a pleated sash that is worn around the waist. The pleats are worn facing up and the cummerbund comes in just about every color imaginable.

  • Lay-down Formal Shirt - The collar on this type of shirt is much like a regular dress shirt although it has a pleated front. This nice clean look is perfect for a formal wedding.

  • Notch Lapel - For this style, there is a notch cut out of the lapel. Most suits using this style are single-breasted.

  • Peak Lapel - This is a wider lapel that comes to a peak. Usually, the Peal Lapel is work with double-breasted suits.

  • Shawl Lapel - This lapel has a rounded shape, which is not split.

  • Single-breasted - This style coat has one row of buttons.

  • Wing-tip Formal Shirt - This style shirt is the traditional shirt worn in weddings that is designed with a short triangular shaped collar.
The style of tuxedo you choose will depend on the level of formality of your wedding. If your wedding is on the informal side, you could easily go with a nice business suit over a tuxedo. However, if your wedding is a bit more formal, the most popular choice is the single-breasted, black tuxedo with a notch lapel. For the man that is not comfortable in a suit, this is a great option. If your wedding is elegant and sophisticated, consider the double-breasted style and choose a rich color for the cummerbund.

A White Tie Tuxedo is extremely formal, consists of a white shirt, white vest, white tie, black tailcoat, and black trousers with classic satin stripes on the side, and completed with black patent shoes. A Black Tie Tuxedo is also formal although not quite as much. This tuxedo is comprised of a nice black tuxedo with a tailcoat and white shirt, vest or cummerbund, black tie or a style of tie that matches the color of the cummerbund, and black patent shoes.

Be sure all measurements for every attendant are taken by a professional tailor. Never take your own measurements since one small mistake can lead to big problems and last minute disasters. You will need to have all the tuxedos measured at least six weeks before the wedding. This allows the tailor to make any last minute alterations. As far as the shoes, a great option is to rent them. First, this will allow a consistent look and second, it will save money. Finally, have everyone try on their tuxedo as soon as they pick them up to ensure everything is in order. Take your time and work with a professional to ensure you choose exactly the right tuxedo for your wedding.

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