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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Most bride and grooms planning for a wedding have many questions. One aspect of the wedding that is always a challenge is the buying of the bridesmaid and Maid of Honor gowns and the tuxedos for the men. Just as the women want to look gorgeous at your wedding, you also want the men to look stately and appropriate for the type of wedding you are planning.

Keep in mind that most men do not own a tuxedo. For one thing, they are expensive to buy and second, they are seldom worn unless the man attends numerous formal affairs. For this reason, the standard solution for weddings is the rental of tuxedos. Too often, the man is put into a traditional tuxedo without much thought to style. Although most tuxedos look great, just as with the gowns for the bridal party, there are many different options for the groomsmen.

If you have family or friends that have recently had a wedding, you can start by asking them what mens or tuxedo shop they used and if they were happy with the service and fittings. If you do not know of anyone that can give you a recommendation, then check your local yellow pages for tuxedo stores where you live or you can do some research on the Internet. Remember that while tuxedos may all look alike, you can be sure they are not created the same. Like all couples, you want the highest quality tuxedo as possible without breaking the bank.

You do not want to wait until the last minute to reserve your tuxedos. Your best bet is to locate a reputable tuxedo shop no further out than six months before your wedding date. It is common for last minute change to take place and you want to allow you and the tailor enough time to take care of any problems. For the best price, you should try to work with one tuxedo shop for all of the tuxedos. Although the groomsmen could rent the same style from several different shops, you risk there being noticeable differences. Therefore, by using the same shop, you are ensured the tuxedos will match perfectly and you will secure the best price.

When it comes time for the fitting, be sure the groom goes with the groomsmen and takes a swatch of the bridesmaid and Maid of Honor gowns so the tailor can match the cummerbund or shirt, whichever you choose. When it comes to shoes, the groomsmen should all be wearing the same identical shoe whereas the bridesmaids may choose to have a little different style.

Shoes can be rented right along with the tuxed, once again ensuring the style is the same from one man to another. Although dress shoes are an option if on a tight budget, keep in mind that the appearance of dress shoes to that of tuxedo shoes is significantly different. In addition to the groomsmen, typically for a formal wedding, the father of both bride and groom, and the ring bearer should also wear a tuxedo. If you have grandfathers coming to the wedding, while not mandatory, it would be honorable for them to wear a tuxedo as well.

Another consideration is that many weddings include groomsmen from out of town. If this is the case for your wedding, you can have them visit a tailor where they live and then have the measurements sent to you and then given to the tailor. Be sure you get accurate sizes for the waist and length of the pant, shirt neck size and sleeve length, and jacket size and length.

Renting tuxedos will usually cost from $50 to $250, depending on the type. Shoes are extra but typically around $20. Be sure when pricing tuxedos to ask about other incidental costs such as dry cleaning or insurance. Some stores require these services while some do not so be sure you know exactly what you will need to pay.

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