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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Just as you planned your wedding, your honeymoon will also require some attention. Your honeymoon should be a special time together where you can share romance and intimacy, and experience a luxurious vacation together. Sometimes people have good intentions and offer things as a way of trying to help. For example, if you were offered the use of a vacation or timeshare home, although you could save some money, make sure that it fits in with the type of honeymoon you want. Do not settle for a "free" place to stay in Phoenix, Arizona and give up your dreams of walking hand-in-hand on the beach at sunset while on a tropical island. If the accommodations do not match your dream honeymoon, politely decline.

Something very important is that the two of you need to make a firm commitment as to the amount of money you will spend for the honeymoon arrangements as well as the amount you will take for pleasure spending. Disagreeing on finances is not what you want to happen on your honeymoon. Just be sure to plan for any unexpected events such as becoming ill, losing your camera, getting a massage, paying for lounge chairs and towels for the beach, or simply wanting to do something adventurous on the spur of the moment.

To make your honeymoon extra special, the two of you should plan together. Set time aside to research travel destinations, accommodations, local activities, restaurants, and other things you are interested in trying such as parasailing, scuba diving, or snorkeling with the stingray. If you decide on a honeymoon to an island such the St. Croix, Paradise Island, San Domingo, Maui, or Barbados, make sure you choose accommodations that will provide you with opportunities for relaxation such as spa treatments.

Once you arrive, instead of rushing to see the sights or hit the beach, visit the lounge where you can order tropical cocktails and sit at a cozy table tucked in a corner. Talk about the wedding and share stories that the other might have missed. Bask in the moment without feeling the need to rush off to do anything. One or two days after you arrive, take a tour of the island and learn about its history. The islands should not just be visited but experienced. When you go back for your tenth anniversary, you can revisit some of the very spots that captured your interest while on your honeymoon. You want to enjoy the time by seeing new things and meeting new people.

If this is not your first marriage, the chance of children being involved is high. Leaving children and jetting off to an enchanted island far from home can be unsettling for both the parents and the children. Depending on the age, and the level of anxiety or fear, some couples make the honeymoon a family affair. Although this may make privacy more difficult, it will also provide a positive memory for the kids and help the family to bond. Whatever your plans or situation, make sure you get all the necessary information, provide a copy to family or friends back home so they know where you are and how to reach you in case of emergency. Most of all have fun and enjoy your honeymoon, with or without children.

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