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Typically, the music for your wedding will take up 10% of your overall budget. While you can spend more or less depending on your wedding and what it is you want, this is a good guideline to follow. With music costs on the rise, most brides and grooms are trying to find ways to save money on this aspect of the wedding without sacrificing the quality of the music chosen.

The good news is that there are several valid ways for you to trim back your music budget while still having a magnificent wedding and reception. For starters, while everyone would love to have a live band, in truth, live performers are expensive. By using a DJ over a live band or recorded music over a DJ or live music, you will save quite a bit. Today, you can visit the major music stores and find a nice variety of pre-recorded music professionally made and with great sound.

Another consideration is the season and time of day that you are planning your wedding. While some couples overlook this factor, timing can make a big difference in how much you pay, not just for the music, but everything. For instance, summer weddings, which are the most common, are more expensive. The reason is that all of the musicians and performers are booked with this being their prime season. Therefore, you need to plan early or choose an off-season month such as January through March when musicians and performers are not as busy, thereby offering lower rates.

Do not overlook the option of using a high school or college band or orchestra. Many of these young people are very talented and eager to get some real playing time. While the quality may not be that of a true professional band, keep in mind that even the professionals got there start somewhere. If you have a university where you live, call the Admissions office to see if they can make any recommendations.

If you or someone you know has a talent for recording music, line up the songs you want and ask that person to burn two CDs one for the wedding and one for the reception. Typically, the sound is great and by recording the songs in order, nothing is messed up.

Another excellent option for trimming your music budget is by choosing to have recorded music for either the wedding or reception and live music for the other. By doing this, you are cutting the time that you would pay for the musicians in half yet still getting the benefit of the live music. Although the wedding is the primary focus, there is little music played during this part that would need to be live. Therefore, you would probably do best to have the recorded music for the ceremony and save the live music for the reception.

Although by tradition, the brides family is responsible for the music, if you plan to have music at both the wedding ceremony and the reception, it would be appropriate for both families to pitch in for the music. Just remember that to have quality music and performers you do not necessarily have to book the most well known band in the city. Even family and friends have talent that could be a good option. Finally, depending on the type of set up you choose, sometimes you can get discounts by paying up front in cash, or even by booking the same group to play at both the ceremony and reception.

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