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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
favor, affordable wedding favors, 
reception favors, bridal shower favor.
When it comes to weddings, everyone wishes they had and endless supply of money to have exactly the wedding they want. While a few people can afford this luxury, most cannot. Weddings, even small, simplistic ones, can be expensive. To plan for your wedding, you need to know how much money you can afford to spend, making a decision as to what aspect of the wedding is most important to you, and then spending your money wisely. Anyone can have a fantastic wedding, regardless of the size of the budget. By making wise decisions, you can control the cost of things.

Consider having your wedding in a month not usually focused on for weddings. About 75% of weddings occur from May through October. Therefore, by having your wedding in the off months, you will save money. The reason is that when companies associated with weddings such as cake makers, bands, limousine companies, and so on, have numerous weddings vying for their businesses; they can afford to raise their rates. If they only have a few, they will lower the price to keep busy. Another consideration is around the holidays. Most hotels, rental car companies, airlines, caterers, and so on, are swamped with holiday travelers.

For this reason, you would be paying a higher price and be battling to secure service. Your best bet would be to have your wedding in January or February, excluding Valentine's Day. Having your wedding in the early part of the day when you can have a brunch for a reception. While still providing a wonderful time for guests, you will be saving money over offering dinner. Additionally, few people drink before lunchtime so that too will cost less.

Finding the place to have your wedding can be tricky. If you attend church regularly somewhere, you can probably get that church free or for a minimum fee. If not, you might consider a beautiful public park with a nice lake or fountain in the background or a historical building that has amazing charm. When it comes to the wedding dress, watch for sales. Many bridal shops start clearing out their last year styles in late July through early September. Many large, reputable shops will sell dresses for a low as $99, when the original dress was more than a thousand. Even if you find your dress a year ahead of time, you will have more money to enjoy on your honeymoon.

When it comes to decorating the church and reception hall, try to find decorations that people will be able to see and enjoy during the entire time. Set each table with a beautiful centerpiece of flowers or other beautiful decoration. For example, one woman purchased inexpensive yet beautiful glass containers. She then spray-painted dry lima beans gold and when dry, she filled each container half full. She then delicately set a white candle in the center and wrapped the base with gold filigree ribbon along with a few strands to match the colors of the wedding. The design was beautiful, unique, and inexpensive to make.

Always choose the kind of flower in season and grown locally. This will save quite a bit of money, as the flowers are one of the most expensive factors of a wedding. You do not have to choose exotic flowers to have beautiful arrangements. With a creative florist, they can make masterpieces from daises, carnations, freesia, or chrysanthemums.

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