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Wedding Photography Questions - Answers I
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Asking the right questions and getting the right answers will ensure great wedding day photos for you to admire for years to come. A few of the most important questions are outlined below.
  • Will the photographer interviewed by the same one who will be at the wedding?
    Be sure to have this written in the contract. You do not want a surprise when the photographer who you interviewed sends his nephew, a photographer-in-training, to your big day. Make sure you personally meet with the photographer who will be doing the work and build a rapport with him or her. Review a portfolio of the photographers work and ask many questions. This will be one of the most expensive items in your budget, so be very clear as to whom will be working with you.

  • Is the photographer interviewed someone you are comfortable with?
    While technique is important, personality can make or break a photo session. If the photographer does not make you comfortable or is arrogant around the wedding party, it does not matter what his or her photographers look like. If you are uncomfortable or the photographer makes your guests ill at ease, you will see it in the photographs when they come back. Do you like this person? If not, find someone else.

  • Should I make a list of pictures I want taken?
    Yes. Wedding photographers with experience will take traditional formal portraits but also excellent candid shots. However, you need to point out shots that will create unique memories for you and your fiancÚ. If your sororitys sisters are at your wedding make sure, the photographer knows in advance that you want a shot of all of them and you in the lobby of the reception hall. A photograph of your grandparents waltzing would be something beautiful, particularly posed with you and your new husband dancing nearby. It is important that you point out who the grandparents are so the shot can be taken. You also want to introduce the photographer to special friends or family that you want shots of so you have memories of all the special people in your life.

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