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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Who says small weddings are not as nice as large weddings? Small weddings consisting of only close family and friends creates a very romantic setting. If you prefer a small wedding, you can have a beautiful event while passing on some of the expenses. In fact, there are many advantages of having a small wedding over that of a large one. For example, you will save money, you have more flexibility for location, and you create a special, intimate atmosphere that can sometimes be lost with a larger wedding.

Planning a small wedding can be almost as challenging as a larger wedding. You still have the same things to plan for, just on a smaller scale. You would want a photographer, wedding cake, special dress, wedding party or witnesses, flowers, food, music, and so on. The only exception would be if you want a completely frill-free wedding with just a minister and witness like you would find in Las Vegas. Remember this is your wedding and if this the type of wedding you prefer, there is nothing wrong with that although you may hear differently from friends and family. Small weddings are broken down into three main categories, small, intimate, and eloping.

A small wedding could be one held in a church or park, with no more than 50 invited guests. You would still have all the traditional settings of a large wedding just downsized. Typically, couples planning a smaller wedding will not have music for dancing or if they do, it would be a DJ or CDs. This is usually a more informal wedding that is beautiful but small.

The intimate wedding is another type of small wedding. For this situation, the only invited guests would be the closest of family and friends and the wedding might be held in a private home or clubhouse. The minister performs the ceremony, often with wonderful vows written by the couple themselves. Once the wedding ceremony is complete, the 10 to 15 guests sit around with a potluck dinner and drinks and simply enjoy spending time together. For this wedding, someone could set up a home video of the bride and groom as they grew up for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, many couples will simply elope, waiting to tell family and friends upon return home. Most couples that choose this type of small wedding are the type of people that enjoy spontaneity in life or are looking for a way to get married quickly and cheaply. The options usually include making a trip to the local Justice of the Peace or, flying to Las Vegas and getting married in a quaint chapel.

If you prefer to have a quieter wedding, you can create a beautiful memory regardless of the size of your wedding. After all, the focus is on the bride and groom not the location, not the guests, and not whether there is a life band or not. This is your special day when the two of you will begin life together so no matter how small or large it will always be a cherished day.

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