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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.

Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
favor, affordable wedding favors, 
reception favors, bridal shower favor.
When you get ready for your wedding, you want your decorations to go beyond the ordinary to the exceptional. You want all of your decorations to liven, enhance, and bring a magical ambience to your wedding. In order to achieve this, you should look for non-traditional pieces in non-traditional places.

Going "outside the box", is exactly how professional wedding planners come up with such unique ideas, resulting in an incredible personalized look. In addition to finding unique items, you will also save money. Wedding stores charge a premium, often inflating prices. Instead, keep your eyes open for clearance items, out of season merchandise, going out of business sales, and discontinued stock. Many weddings are held around the holidays, meaning although you would not go with a Christmas theme, you would be able to find beautiful red, green, gold, and silver, that could be beautifully incorporated into a non-holiday wedding.

You can take an ordinary reception and transform it into a wonderland of beauty. To bring this type of magic to the decorations, use small, white twinkling lights, draped throughout small Rose of Sharon or Palm Trees. Create centerpieces of large, ornate glass jars filled with dry lima beans that have been spray painted gold. Then using bendable filigree ribbon, drape it around the base of the jars. Finally, add some fresh green leaves and coordinating colored flowers to match your wedding. For an ultra romantic wedding, columns accented with ivy and white tulle, provide beautiful, warm type filler to an otherwise void space. You can even drape sheer scarf material around pillars to create an elegant display where people can linger and visit old friends. These columns can highlight any area of the room and would be perfect for enhancing photos.

Another great decoration is to set up a small wishing well where cards can be collected. Leave the wood exposed and use light decorations, again, something like soft lights and a little bit of greenery. Even a tiny indoor garden area would offer a nice focal point. You could add a relaxing indoor fountain and set peonies and soft green leaves around the base. The gentle trickle of the water will provide a nice, relaxing effect.

Small Lily of the Valley set as a centerpiece with soft tea light candles offer a warm glow at each table and a beautiful elegance. For the table with the family and attendants, you can add some gold or silver ribbon and a larger size Lilly of the Valley. Just let your creative juices flow and have fund with the wedding decorations.

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