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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.
If you or someone you love is planning on getting married soon and the Wedding Bells will be ringing, there are a number of things that you will want to think about when planing the wedding recpetion. The wedding reception is often on of the biggest events that a person will plan or create. One of the key determinants of wedding reception success is the location and quality of the location where you are holding the reception.

In order to find the right reception hall, you need to have time. It also helps to be extremely flexible. The most disirable reception halls are often booked well in advance. Sometimes even a year or two in advance. Moreover, since the most busy portion of the year is between May and October, if you want to have a wedding reception during this time, you will want to book in advance. However, if you don't have enough time to book well in advance, there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of landing that wonderful reception hall.

First, you can be flexible on time. You may want to try to book a reception hall offseason from November to April. These times are usually easier to get the reception hall you want and can often make nice weddings. Holiday times can also be good since family and friends will often be gathered in one place. One of the best reasons to have a recpetion in the of season is becuase you may be able to obtain a discount on the facilities or wedding package and save money. Another way you can book a reception hall is by trying a different time. Instead of going for the Saturday afernoon or evening recpetion, you may want to try a Friday evening reception. These are becoming more popular and provide an opportunity to spend time with guests and get ready for the honeymoon..

When you are looking for a site for the recpetion, think out of the box. Many restaurants, ballrooms, hotels and even museums make good receptions locations. Always make sure the whatever site you have will be able to support the number of people that you are hoping to have. Moreover, one of your first considerations should be the location of the halls you are considering. It is important to have ceremony and reception sites fairly close, so that their guests don't become confused or have to spend a lot of time driving.

When you are evaluating or comparing different reception sites, you will want to be sure to visit the sites. Comparing sites based on price, square footage, or number of people that they support doesn't cut it. There are many additional features that specifically will need to be evaluated. The best way to evaluate a reception hall is based on value. Value is defined at the the benefits that you recieve divided by the price. One reception hall may seem to have a higher price per meal, but it may include all sorts of services that a lower-priced hall does not carry. For example, be sure to find out whether the price includes table linens (there may be an extra charge for colored tablecloths or napkins), glass barware (some facilities use plastic cups to save money), china, table centerpieces, etc. In the end, you are the one that will determine the best value based on the things that you consider to be the most important. It is helpful to have a well defined set of requirements when you are evaluating potential reception halls. The next sections of this guide outline some specific things that you may want to look at when evaluating a reception hall.

An important component of the site often deals with the site's management. You will want to be sure that the site's staff are courteous, responsive, and reliable. If they are going to be doing you wedding, you need to know that they know what they are doing and have significant wedding experience.

You will also want to tour the facility. Take a look at the size of the main room - will it be big enough to accomodate your guests? Is there room for all the tables along with a dance floor. Is there adequate parking? Is not is there a parking plan? Are there valets and a coat room? Is there handicapped access available? Is there liability insurance and how much does it cost? What about security for the premises?

Another key feature is whether there are other events that will be going on nearby. If there is an adjacent room where a strange group is meeting, will it bother your guests. Also make sure that you have allotted enough time to use the facilities and make sure there is enough time between bookings in case your reception or the one before it goes over. Also look at the potential noise level and determine whether it will be enough to hinder your celebration. Also check to see what type of decorations can be used in the reception hall and whether the hall can be adequately decorated. Next you will want to determine when the decorations would need to be taken down after the reception has ended.

Many receptions have the option to server food at the hall. When you are evaluating reception facilities, you will want to see if food is included in the package and find out how much it will costs. You should find out how food is served and also the location of the tables. Moreover, the manner that food is served (sit down or buffet) can affect the layout or the flow of the reception. Be sure to taste the food to determine the menu slections for the reception. Bad food is one of the worst experiences that guests can have at a recpetion. Another way to server food is to have "food stations." These are locations in the room where different food types are served. One station may server pasta, another fish, etc.

Another reception area that requires some though is the bar area. After the ceremony, your guests will probably be thirsty and will want something to drink. You will want to decide to offer alcohol or just soft drinks. You will also want to decide what to serve during the toast and how to serve it. Some locations will have a built in bar. If the location doesn't have this you will want to make sure you can serve alcohol there. With bars, cost can become an issue. Be sure that you have an accurate handle on the costs of an open bar or set a limit on the amount of drinks served. Since recpetions last a long time, you might want to have a limited bar period and then serve other beverages for the rest of the reception.

It is also important to make sure that the facility has enough room for a DJ or band. This means that the space should be adequate for dancing and the facility should contain power outlets as well. Also you will want to make enough room for a cake or gift table. You will also want to make sure the gifts are kept in a safe place.

Finally, be sure to get the facilities agreement in writing. This means obtaining a written contract that includes everything that you want in it and be sure that you understand the contract. Also ask about the refund policy. The way that the location staff shows you around the facility and the quality of food is usually a good indicator of the competance. Always be sure to ask questions and make sure you have all of the facts. Have a great wedding.

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