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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.
For your wedding reception, you will find several table card options, each used for a specific purpose. The escort card is used to let each guest know the table where they will be sitting. This type of card is typically a small envelope that has the guest's name along with the table where they are assigned to sit neatly tucked inside. Although it would take a little extra time, a nice personal touch would be to write a quick note to each guest and place it inside the envelope as well. A tent card is one that is folded on the top and just another type of escort card. What is nice about the tent card is that you can make them as simple or extravagant as you like. Add dried flowers, drawings, bows, and ribbons, whatever you like to enhance the card. The escort card is handed to the guest to hold until time for the reception. Upon arrival to the reception, the guest presents his or her card to the attendant, who then provides an "escort" to the assigned table. This type of card is generally used for formal receptions.

The place card is already on the table when the guests arrive. For this type of card, there are several options. You can have husbands and wives sit at the same table but not together. In this case, the table should alternate male, female, male, female, etc. The person located to the right of another person is considered to be sitting in the position of honor. Another option for the place card is that couples coming together are seated next to one another. Finally, couples that arrive together are seated at completely different tables. Any of these choices is acceptable. If the tables were round, the honored position would be the seat that faces the honored guest. The place card is a bit less formal over that of the escort card.

A personalized menu card is yet another option and is an alternative to the place card. This card is given to guests when offering a choice of entrée. The regular menu has the guest's name printed on the top and then placed at each place setting. If a menu card is not personalized, you could choose to use anywhere from three to four menus at the table or one at each individual place.

When ordering your choice of card, you will find a variety of styles in font and color, which will be dependant on your specific wedding. You will need to order your cards no later than three to four weeks in advance to allow time for proofing and shipping. Most businesses that design table cards will have an option for any last minute changes or additions. Place cards are generally presented to you in alphabetical order, which is the same way the reception facility will ask for them.

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