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Becoming married is a sure fire way to be anxious. No matter how excited you are and how much know this is the greatest decision of your life, wedding anxiety is something felt by every bride and groom. Regardless of the size of the wedding, the number of years dated, and how formal the wedding day, anxiety and nerves are part of the occasion. After all, exchanging wedding vows is a life-altering event. Even though this is the most longed for day of your life and everything is going according to plan it is stressful.

Just about every couple planning a wedding hit a point where doubt creeps into their mind. They know in their heart this is absolutely the best decision of their life but still feel that nagging sensation of what if. Instead of trying to deal with wedding anxiety on your own, the two of you can work together to encourage and support, helping each other get past the issue. In addition to making the wedding day better, you will realize that the two of you have the ability to solve problems as a team.

Premarital Counseling

One way you can get through wedding anxiety is to prepare for it before your wedding day. Premarital counseling is something that every couple should go through, whether feeling stressed or not. What happens is that a couple will think everything is going along beautifully but because they have not yet reached their wedding day, they are unaware of potential things that could go wrong, causing an overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety. With counseling, the couple learns the signs of potential problems before they happen, and are given the appropriate tools for handling them.


The second thing you can do is to be honest with each other at all times. This builds the relationship and eliminates doubt. If you are feeling anxious about something, just the two of you go off somewhere and talk it out. This type of communication will have to be a part of the marriage so you might as well start now. Being best friends is the most important aspect of any couples life. You need to know the person you are marrying is your friend, your confidant, your supporter, and your encourager.

Time Alone

The day before your wedding, schedule time with your soon-to-be spouse, doing something just the two of you non-wedding related. By this time, you have been running crazy trying to get everything done and more than likely have not spent any time with the person you love. Load up the bicycles and head to your local park with picnic lunch and blanket in tow. Find a large oak tree, spread out the blanket, and pull out a deck of cards! Perhaps te two of you can rent a boat and spend an afternoon on the lake, just soaking up some sun.

Forget the Small Stuff

Another option is to learn to take things in stride. The chance of challenges arising before and on your wedding day is high. You need to expect that some things will go wrong, while hoping they do not. The key is not to let the little things bother you. Learn to laugh at the little incidentals that you find annoying and put plans of action together for the larger problems. Life is too precious to get upset about everything, especially for your wedding day. If the flower girl stops half way down the aisle, refusing to go further, laugh about it and have a plan in place for an adult to help her to her seat.

All of these suggestions will help make your wedding day the fairytale event you have always wanted.

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