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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Having a wedding brunch is an excellent way to celebrate a newly engaged couple. Instead of the traditional wedding shower, make this a new tradition for your family. As soon as you start planning your wedding, you will be amazed at how quickly time will fly. Before you know it, you will be buried up to your head in plans and then it will all be over. Therefore, try to plan your wedding differently by taking your time and enjoying every single aspect. A wedding brunch is the ideal solution to start things in the right direction.

Although invitations are not required, you want to make sure your invited guests have enough notice to clear their schedule. If you decide you want invitations, choose ones that match your own personal style and send them out to your closest friends and family members. Choose a restaurant that is charming and quaint that offers the perfect atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

In fact, if the bride and groom have a favorite restaurant of their own, this would be a lovely place to hold the brunch. You also want to consider any out-of-town guests that may be staying at a hotel without transportation. If you have quite a few people coming in from other places, you can hire a caterer to come into the home and create a magical moment for you.

If you prefer, you can even wait and have the brunch after the wedding. There really is no right or wrong time as long as the focus is on the marriage. The only drawback of waiting is that once the wedding and honeymoon are over, the bride and groom are usually spent. It is at this time when they are eager to get home, set up their home, and relax.

Regardless of when you host your brunch, you want to make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the event. While the bride and groom can host their own brunch, it is traditional for the parents to act as hosts and pay. For the menu, again try to keep all the guests in mind. However, some excellent options would include Eggs Benedict, Belgian Waffles, Danish Pastries, Fresh Fruit, Sausage and Bacon, and Hash Browns, and of course, Champagne and Orange Juice. You might also think about setting up an Omelet Bar where people can have some fun being creative.

The brunch should be nice but casual. Be sure to let guests know that casual attire is fine so they are comfortable. After all, this occasion is to be relaxing and enjoyable. Be sure to take a digital camera and video camera so you can capture this wonderful time. You might even have a journal that is passed around among the guests so they can write a special letter to the bride and groom to read after the wedding.

With some careful planning, you can provide the special people in your life a wonderful brunch that is affordable and delicious.

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