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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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Have you recently been asked by your best friend to host her wedding engagement party but have no idea where to begin? If so, you are certainly not alone. This is a big event and serving as host is a big responsibility and one you want to do well. In fact, this is a real honor so your job is to make this a special event that the bride and groom will cherish for life.

Engagement parties today include both the bride and groom so after you have talked to both of them to determine a date and the list of invitees, you can get busy with the planning. If you prefer to save money on the invitations and spend the savings on live entertainment, you can visit any computer store and for a very small fee, purchase a software program that allows you to create wonderful invitations from home at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, while catering is always nice, there are ways to save there as well.

For example, you can hire a caterer to handle just the main foods while you take care of the drinks, desserts, and dishes and utensils. For an even greater savings, you can make the engagement party a potluck where each of the guests brings something homemade. This is often a fun option in that you can make it a full potluck or steer the foods in certain directions. For instance, if you want a dessert potluck, in addition to everyone bringing something sweet, they also would be required to bring the treasured recipe so the bride and groom can create the dish once married. The same would be true for appetizers or whatever theme you choose.

To be a good host does not mean that you have to do everything by yourself. To help take some of the stress off you so you too can enjoy the engagement party, you should ask for assistance from the Brides Maids or even some of the family members who are not involved in the wedding itself. Perhaps there are several cousins that would love to help but are not sure how. By delegating some of the responsibility, they will feel included and you will not be overloaded with responsibility.

Typically, an engagement party is held in a private home although a restaurant is also a good option. Try to keep the decorations simply yet elegant. This can be achieved by using several inexpensive but colorful types of flowers such as Sunflowers or Daisies. Let guests know that if they want to provide the bride and groom with a gift, they can although it is not mandatory. Just as you did with the food suggestions, you could also provide some direction on gifts and choose a theme that is different from what they would expect at the wedding shower.

The main thing is to have fun with the planning, create a special memory for the bride, and groom. Be sure to take lots of pictures and video. Setting disposable cameras around will allow each of the guests to capture pictures that otherwise might be missed. Be a gracious host and enjoy this wonderful occasion.

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