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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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It is common for family and friends to come to weddings from out of town, and while having them attend your wedding is important and makes you happy, remember that while you are not expected to pay for the guest's lodging, it is customary for the bride and groom to provide lodging options. If the number of guests is large, check with several hotels about getting a block of rooms. The benefit is that everyone is staying near each other, and hotels usually offer a nice discount.

To show appreciation for them making the trip, you can show them various forms of hospitality. For example, you could have a nice brunch, ask some to join you as you put the final touches on the wedding, or just have them over one evening for informal time together. If the guests are staying in a hotel or private home, before their arrival, have a beautiful arrangement of fresh cut flowers displayed. Although not mandatory this wonderful gesture of kindness will forever be remembered.

In some cases, guests come from the other side of the country, or even from a different country. You do not want these guests to show up at the hotel, wait for the wedding, and then fly home. Many out of town guests are eager to help in whatever way possible. They want to feel as though they are a part of the wedding and this will give them something important to do and reduce your stress level. A great option is to find out who is willing to help and then provide a list of specific things that need to be done. After being assigned a specific item, they will be thrilled to be involved.

During your rehearsal dinner, if the guests do not recommend it, you might see if the non-members of the wedding party want to have a barbecue or dine at a fun restaurant in town while you and your fiancÚ are being kept busy with the wedding rehearsal. If your budget cannot afford to have all of the out-of-town guests at your rehearsal dinner, you have two options. You can either let them dine out at their own expense, or change your formal rehearsal dinner to an informal one that is less expensive and therefore, accommodating to everyone.

Obviously, you are going to be very busy and stressed at this time. Rather than feel like you have to entertain, just be polite, courteous, and let your guests. Sometimes the bride and groom feel they have to do everything on their own. Just as mentioned, let out of town guests get involved. For example, if your Uncle Mike teaches music at the high school in his hometown, have him firm up all the details for the weddig music. If your Aunt Jane is an avid gardener, put her in charge of making sure the lowers arrive on time and that everyone in the party is pinned with their corsage or boutonniere. There is no perfect method for handling out of town guests, but with some kindness and flexibility, everyone will have a memorable time.

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