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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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While you may be close to your mother-in-law, now that you are newly married, you may have many questions regarding how to address her and how to introduce her. Most people get confused when it comes to making introductions but once you understand the rules, it is not difficult. If you want to start things out on the right foot with your in-laws, you can follow these simple guidelines. By addressing and introducing your mother-in-law properly, not only will you both feel more comfortable but also, your relationship will be stronger and built on respect.

It is one thing to have a good relationship with your mother-in-law while dating, but once married, things do change somewhat. For the groom, he wants to assure his mother-in-law that he will take care of her baby girl and for the bride she desperately wants to please her mother-in-law so she is accepted into the family. Both the bride and groom each have their minor dilemma and concerns.

A good relationship with both in-laws is critical but it is especially important with the mother-in-law. By nature, she is protective over her child and will therefore need reassurance that she can step back and let the marriage forge ahead. This is difficult in most cases for the mother-in-law, as she has to let go of a responsibility she has had her childs entire life. For this reason, whether the bride or groom, you will need to give her space so she can learn to let go.

However, keep in mind that your mother-in-law will be a very special person in your life and in your marriage. She holds the answer for many things that you have not yet learned. The balance is that she has to allow you the opportunity to learn these things on your own and you need to let her know that her knowledge is important and needed. In the first year of marriage, even if you and your new spouse have dated for years can be a little rocky. Do not be discouraged this is a natural part of marriage and part of the settling down process.

Some mothers in laws like to be called mom while others prefer by first name. It is important that you identify what the two of you most comfortable without forcing it. You might even just ask, Do you prefer I call you Helen or mom? More than likely, if she has not already offered for you to call her mom, she will appreciate you making the effort to please her and open a line of communication.

Regardless of what you call her one-on-one, it will take time for it to flow naturally so be sure you are patient. When in public, you would obviously not introduce your mother-in-law as your mom. If introducing her to other adults, you would introduce her as, This is Mrs. Smith, my mother-in-law. If she prefers theperson call her Helen, she will advice them. If you are introducing her to your close friends, you could say, This is Helen, my mother-in-law. If you are not certain, just sit down and talk to her. Remember that this territory is new for both of you. By working on the issue together, the relationship grows even stronger.

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