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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
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All parents hope and pray that one day their child will grow up, fall in love, and marry someone special. Receiving that phone call from your son or daughter telling you that an engagement is set is an exciting but also stressful time. The first questions a parent thinks of if they have not yet met the in-law is whether they will like him or her and will their child be happy. This reaction is perfectly normal, even if the future in-law is known.

While some grooms follow tradition by asking the brides father for her hand in marriage, most do not. Therefore, telling the parents about the engagement is filled with both joy and apprehension. As the couple, you need to remember that no matter what your age, in your parents eyes, you are still their child. For this reason, you do not want to simply call and blurt out the news. Instead, consider how they will react and then plan your announcement accordingly.

One method to consider is involving the parents. While this may seem odd to some people, for couples that have a very close relationship with one or both sides of the family, it can be a very special time that will create wonderful memories. In this scenario, the engagement would be discussed with the parents and then the parents would help the future groom choose the ring. Having parents partner in the planning is a unique way to approach a wedding engagement but one that is valued.

If you were planning to surprise the parents, the best way would be to break the news as a couple. After all, you will be moving away from the responsibility and care of your parents to joining legally with another person as you build your own life. With this type of announcement, you can expect there to be many tears and even a shriek or two. For this reason, you should offer the announcement in private. Simply ask the parents to come over for dinner or a barbecue and then sit down and tell them the good news. If you do not live near one or both sets of parents, then make a phone call where all the parties are on a conference call.

Now, there is always the situation when the bride and/or groom do not have a close relationship with the parents. Obviously, this type of situation creates a unique challenge. In this case, it would be appropriate for the bride to approach her parents or the groom to approach his parents and break the news. This provides the opportunity for the parents to spill their concerns where they can be discussed in private.

If the two parents have never met, as the future bride and groom, you should arrange for an outing where all six people can get together to meet before you make your wedding announcement. While this is not often easy to accomplish you will feel much better when the engagement is discussed. Finally, if you come from a divorced home, you will need to make two separate announcements. Never put the responsibility on one parent to tell the other parent. This situation would be very awkward and disrespectful.

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