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Wedding favors, candle wedding favors, 
personalized wedding favors, wedding, 
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reception favors, bridal shower favor.
Falling in love is a beautiful thing and when the time comes to pop the big question, you want to present your future bride with an incredible engagement ring. One of the biggest struggles you may be faced with is how to ask her to marry you. Your mind may be filled with all types of unique ideas but every time you practice the words, you get nervous and it all comes out wrong. Do not feel alone. Becoming engaged is an important step in life and you should be nervous. This is the time to follow the heart and be creative with your proposal.

When planning an engagement, there are many things to take into consideration. First, you want to think about a proposal that will be special to her. Think about the things that are important to her. Is there a type of hobby, sporting event, something that she holds near and dear to her heart? If so, you can build on this. For example, if she loves going to football games, have the proposal display on the big screen. Perhaps she loves the ocean and the sound of the waves. In this case, take a soft blanket at sunset to the beach, light a bonfire, and as the two of you watch the sun set below the horizon, ask her to marry you. If the two of you met somewhere special such as a park, local ice cream shop, or wherever the place may be, take her back to the beginning to pop the question. You can easily incorporate anything that she loves into the proposal, which will show her that you took time to make this event extra special.

A happy relationship goes well beyond the immediate excitement of becoming engaged. The engagement is just the start to many exciting and romantic adventures that the two of you will share in life. You want to start your life together the right way by proposing in a way that will touch her heart. The traditional proposal is where the future groom kneels down on one knee and requests the future bride to marry him. Of course, this is after he has asked for her hand in marriage from the father. While this is exceptionally romantic and something to give serious consideration to, keep your options open. Think of style, creativity, and something she would never expect.

If the two of you have not talked about engagement rings or even shopped for one together, you will want to try to take another ring that she wears with you to the jewelry store to ensure you purchase the correct size. This would be the optimum situation, but keep in mind that if the ring is a surprise and you find it is either too small or too large, it can always be resized.

Once you have become engaged, there are many things to accomplish for the wedding. Some people are engaged for years while others get married in months. If you are not in a hurry and want a traditional church wedding of medium to large size, you will need approximately 10 to 12 months to plan. Start by telling family and friends of the engagement, if they do not know. Next, you will need to choose a date on which you can build. Have an engagement photograph taken that will be published in your local paper, announcing publicly your engagement. A nice touch would be to take time to write each other's parents and tell them how excited you are to be marrying their child. This will certainly put you in their good graces. You will start deciding on colors, attendants, invitations, menu, and all the other aspects of the wedding. This is a big process so pace yourself and enjoy the adventure.

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